Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Mother and Teacher

Hey all,

I really need to update this more often. Everything is going well, days are busy! Kevin is home with the kids during the day, doing scouting a couple of evenings a week, and I'm at school teaching during the day!

I normally wake up around 6:00 and feed Miriam. Then I rush to get myself dressed and ready for the day so that I can get to school a little early to either work on lesson plans or finish preparing for the school day!

After I get to school. I'm working with the students, teaching them about our sun, the planets, the solar system, and the galaxy right now! I love it! It's so fascinating to see the students as they come to understand or grasp something new! School then gets out at 3:15 and I work at clenaing up the class and setting up for the next day. Occasionally competely redesigning what I had planned for the next day because of what students do or do not know.

Then I go home to help take care of and teach my 3 beautiful children. Aurora is so obstinate and head strong. I pray that she chooses to do what's right as she grows up. Spencer is a goof ball. He's constantly making us all laugh. And then there's Miriam. She is a mama's girl if I ever saw one. The minute I walk through the door, she thinks that she has to be the center of my attention. Fortunately for her I give in to that quite often since I've been gone all day. Miriam is always getting close to walking!!!

Our days are also full as we are buying a home, so we're packing, picking out colors for our new house, trying to clean, and keep the kids from making bigger messes :) All in all though everything turns out well. We found someone to take over our lease, so we just need to get to the closing date, sign on our house, paint our new house, move our stuff, paint the house we're currently renting, and we'll be good to go!!! Luckily, we've had people who have offered to help us!

Well, gotta go.