Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Day Here and Gone

Well, time has passed so quickly and I forget to write. Life has been hectic around here to say the least. Thanksgiving and Christmas went well. We missed the snow, but it was fun to do things with our little family. The kids loved their Christmas presents.

We built a sandbox over Christmas break and the kids spend many hours usually every day playing. They love it!!! Only bad part, all the sand that comes in the house with them. Since we have a wood floor, you feel every grain. Then it also gets into their beds. Ah, well. Someday they'll be old enough to shake the sand off before they come in the house.

On Friday we bought two orange and one grapefruit tree. We still need to plant the grapefruit tree, but we should get fruit off of them next year. Yeah!!! We've been talking with the kids about how you can't touch or pull off the leaves because the kids have been known do that in the past, but Aurora feels possesive over all we've planted so far so we shouldn't have too much trouble.

No new info on Miriam yet. The GI had us take her back in for some more blood work to see if her ALT had come down, her CO2 had increased, and to recheck her amino acids. Hopefully we'll here back sometime today or if not then Kev will call tomorrow. Other than that she acts like a normal, healthy 14 month old.

So another day is almost over and we're excited to see what the next one brings.